Legal name: Advantage Capital Fund

SICAV: Private Value Capital opportunities SICAV p.l.c.

Domicile: Malta

Legal structure: Alternative Investment Fund

Asset class: Open-ended hybrid MIV

Operational date: December 2016

Maturity date: None

Fund manager: Private Value Asset Management Ltd

Investment advisor: None

Sponsor: None

Administrator: Alter Domus (Malta)

Auditor: Mazar (Malta)

Custodian: Zarattini International Ltd

Open to new investors: Yes

ISIN Number: MT7000016929

Bloomberg Ticker: PCACEEA MV Equity

Minimum Subscription: € 100’000

Minimum Additional Subscriptions: € 10’000

Minimum Holding: € 100’000

Subscription Fee: Up to 5%

Redemption Fee: Up to 5%                                           

Annual Management Fee: 2%

Performance Fee: 20% HWM

Investors: Professional and Qualifying Investors

Subscriptions and Redemptions: In cash or in Kind

About the fund

Advantage Capital Fund is a fund with a flexible investment  strategy.
To achieve its Investment Objective, this Fund shall invest in listed securities traded on the stock exchanges in European Union (EU) Member States, Non-Listed Securities (both non-listed equity securities and non-listed corporate bonds), Debt Instruments and Cash and cash equivalent instruments in accordance with the investment allocation set forth hereunder


 The strategy involves the use of alternative investments in Private Equity and Real Estate to create the alpha portfolio and to mitigate the risk and ensure optimal diversification and de-correlation with traditional markets.

The following allocation mix shall be solely applicable at the Fund level: 

Debt Instruments – up to a maximum holding of 99%
Non-listed Securities – up to a maximum holding of 99%
Listed Securities – up to a maximum holding of 99%
Cash – up to a maximum holding of 75%


 Private Value Asset Management Ltd is an Alternative Fund Management Company located in Malta, regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) and licensed under the Company Act.

Given the macro economic scenario of high volatility and instability, our investment object is base on LONG/SHORT non-listed ABS equity or bond strategy, not leveraged, coupled with arbitrage swaps techniques to increase enterprise value without leveraging.

 Such strategy can be planned well in advance and has a very low exposure to market prices.

 We invest in old, capital intensive, non-directional stable sectors, so as to grant us the highest decorrelation possible.